1. Demo
    Raw Addict

  2. Tracks for split 7" w/Cokskar
    Violent Gorge

  3. Tracks for split w/Wage Garnisher
    Violent Gorge

  4. "Oh Death, Death, Death!"

  5. Realities of Gore

  6. Tracks for split 7" w/Agathocles
    Violent Gorge

  7. Violent Gorge/Percy Jerk Off

  8. Vomitings of Every Kind

  9. Tracks for Split 12" w/Plague
    Violent Gorge

  10. Tracks for Split with Grinchfinger
    Violent Gorge

  11. Tracks for split with Meatal Ulcer
    Violent Gorge

  12. The Earliest Human Wounds (Grindfather)

  13. Tracks for split with Parazitozis
    Violent Gorge

  14. Frenulum - Clawhammer

  15. Meatus - tracks for Symphony of Death Rattles

  16. Intestine/Myxorreah/Malevolent Scrotal Incendiary/Gangrenous Stomatitis Necrosis 4 Way

  17. Tracks for 4 way w/Rotocles, Death Before Dishonor, Camphora Monobromata
    Violent Gorge

  18. History of Extinction

  19. Meatus - 8" (Bloodspit Records)

  20. Tracks for Split with Rotocles
    Violent Gorge

  21. Tracks for Split with Metastasis

  22. Inhuman Grinding Machine

  23. Tracks for Split with MDFL
    Violent Gorge

  24. Tracks for Split with Faction Disaster
    Violent Gorge

  25. Tracks for Split CD with Parazitozis

  26. Tracks for upcoming split 7" w/ Lt. Dan
    Violent Gorge

  27. Tracks for split with Archagathus and Carcass Grinder
    Violent Gorge

  28. Tracks for Split 10" with Misanthropic Noise

  29. Tracks for Split with Alchemy of Sickness
    Violent Gorge

  30. Tracks for Split 7" with Archagathus
    Violent Gorge

  31. Tracks for Split with sicktodeth

  32. Session 1
    Sanitized Death

  33. Christmas 2010

  34. Christmas 2015

  35. Auricular Constabulary
    Violent Gorge

  36. Christmas 2012 - The Birth Of Christ

  37. Session 2
    Sanitized Death

  38. Tracks for Split 5.5" w/Sete Star Sept
    Violent Gorge

  39. Meatus/Arroyo/Ogre/Hallucinosis
    Meatus, Arroyo, Ogre, Hallucinosis

  40. Tracks for Split Tape w/Hyperemesis

  41. Tracks from split w/Skuff, Prison Violence, Selfish Beings

  42. Nauseating Grind Degenerates
    Violent Gorge, Pancreatectomie, Hip Cops, Archagathus

  43. Cryptic Grind Grotesquery
    Violent Gorge, Ascoculto, Pizza Hi 5, Shatter Dead

  44. Naked Grinding Fear
    Violent Gorge, SMG, Homicide, Pureza Genocida,

  45. Violent Gorge/Meathole Infection
    Violent Gorge, Meathole Infection

  46. Deaf Grind Gourmet
    Violent Gorge, Desgraceria, Archagathus, Expurgo

  47. The Triumphal Chariot of Antimony

  48. Entartete Grind Kunst
    G.O.D., Violent Gorge, Rotgut, Putrescence

  49. Meatus/A.F.H.
    Meatus, A.F.H.

  50. Embarrassing Grind Fetish
    Violent Gorge, Motherpig, Mundo Cadaver, Rash

  51. Tu Sufres/Violent Gorge
    Tu Sufres, Violent Gorge

  52. Meatus/Tu Sufres
    Meatus, Tu Sufres

  53. Tinnitus Aficionado
    Violent Gorge, Bestial Vomit, Bachelor Weekend

  54. Earthly Diseases & Grievous Mortality

  55. Noisy Goregrind Still Exists! Fuck You!
    Meatus, Streptococcus Pyogenes, Human Jerky

  56. Meatus/Active Stenosis
    Meatus, Active Stenosis

  57. Demo

  58. Grind Appreciation
    Violent Gorge

  59. Human Grind Gargouillement
    Violent Gorge, Mesrine, Bufo, Death Toll 80K

  60. Laboratory for Fecal Analysis

  61. Ghoulish Nightmare Grinders
    Meatus, Archagathus

  62. Tracks for split 7" with Pizza Hi Five, Lt. Dan, Satan
    Violent Gorge

  63. Violent Gorge/Drunk Surgeon/Goner/Slograputre
    Violent Gorge, Drunk Surgeon, Goner, Slograputre


Aggressive Valley Winnipeg, Manitoba

Aggressive Valley is a grindcore label in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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